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Route (5) To the Kamares Cave  

Kamares is a village at the southern flank of Psiloritis. Here starts the path leading to Kamares Cave, a very big cave located at 1780 m. It's a steep ascent taking 3-4 hrs to complete. A great part of it is through a wooded area.

The cave of Kamares became important when a great number of fine Minoan pottery were discovered here during an excavation.

The pieces of pottery found here are very thin and delicate (\"egg-shelled\"), decorated with bright colours on a black background. They are dated back at 1700 BC and you can see them at Archaelogical Museum of Heraklion.

Route Details

Total length: --

Route duration: 7h

Suggested visiting period: April to October

Route difficulty factors: High altitude route

Signaling system: Ε4

Altitude: 1780 meters


 <u>Kamares Cave</u>
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