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Route (2) To the Vrontisi monastery  

It played an important role during the years of the Cretan Renaissance, both in letters and arts. During the last centuries of Venetian rule, it was known for its many scholars, artists and venerable monks.

Michail Damaskinos, Crete's most important Byzantine artist, painted here six of his masterpieces and according to tradition, El Greco himself spent some time as a student in the monastery's workshops.

Places and sights worth visiting! Outside the monastery walls, under everlasting plane-trees, there is a beautiful fountain, one of the island's most important outdoor sculptures, a unique heirloom of its time. It represents Adam and Eve in relief and water pours out from the mouths of three lions.

Route Details

Total length: 7,7km

Route duration: 3h & 20min

Suggested visiting period: All the year

Route difficulty factors: Relatively easy route

Signaling system: R2

Altitude: 550 meters


 <u>Vrontisi monastery</u>
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