Stretched over a lush slope that is covered with perennial olive trees and enormous carob trees, Eleonas Country Village resembles a small village nestled in the arms of Cretan nature, just a stone’s throw away from the well- known village of Zaros. At every step, aromatic herbs, plants and colourful flowers will awaken all your senses!!

Green is dominant colour of the landscape and the countless springs of Psiloritis offer water throughout the year. Picturesquetrails lead to gorgeous hills, small planes, mesmerizing gorges, green valleys, gurgling springs and plenty of shade created bythe plane trees. Eleonas Country Village is a true oasis to any visitor longing for holidays in the heart of nature.

Private Stone cottage at the countryside of Crete, far away from the crowds. Enjoy comfotable and private your holidays.

Their interior is spacious , romantic and warm. Traditional decor, stylish wood furniture, small kitchenette, a bathroom with bathtub or Shower , offer unforgettable moments of relaxation and a comfortable stay. Every cottage offer a private terrace with sunbeds ,overlooking the mountains and the gardens and it is an autonomous room that is providing you with all the comforts for your holidays .