Breakfast at Eleonas country village


Breakfast at Eleonas country village

The history and the abundance of flavours coming from the Cretan land, at Eleonas country village breakfast.

Fine local products, produced by our hotel’s farm, along with products of local small producers, Cretan recipes, nutritional and savoury goodies, are served at Elaionas Country Village breakfast.

Assigned the “Greek Breakfast” certification by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Eleonas breakfast offers a unique mouthwatering experience to all its visitors, and is an introduction to the culinary tradition of Crete.

The extra virgin olive oil that comes abundantly from our private olive grove, the fine fresh local milk, used to produce our local cheese at our creamery, the eggs from our hens living freely out in the fields and the many recipes that we try every morning have a starring role at the morning table.

Cheese and dairy products are at the forefront. The famous fresh Greek Yogurt is combined with local honey and nuts, while the cretan gruyere (in Greek graviera) comes in different flavours, for instance with thyme.

The famous cretan pies with cheese, greens from the mountains or spinach are cooked every morning; omelettes with fresh eggs, local charcuterie and different types of rusks with a robust flavour, such as carob.

Fresh orange juice, as well as juices from seasonal fruits, are daily served to your table, along with a large selection of coffees, such as the traditional Greek coffee (also called Ellinikós kafes) prepared in the ember or hot ciders with sand.

There are several vegetarian and vegan options available at Eleonas Country Village breakfast.

**All product supplies, as well as their storage and preparation is certified by ISO 22000: 2005 FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.