The Gorge Agiofarago

The Beatiful of Gorge Agiofarago

To reach the Gorge of Agiofarago From Eleonas country village  , take the direction to Μoires  and then towards  Sivas village – Listaros  - Odigitria Monastery. Is a male monastery located in a protected position of Asterousia Mountains, at an altitude of 250m. The monastery can be accessed through the village of Sivas in Messara Plain. It is one the most historic monasteries in Crete, known for its huge estate, with several chapels and vast land property in Asterousia Mountains. n this sacred place, therefore, the hermits built in the 14th century the monastery of Odigitria. Near the main gate, you will see the legendary Tower of Xopateras with the great story (read it here). Moreover, you will see the baking house, the olive mill, the wine press, several warehouses, the cheese cellar, a small well used during the sieges of the monastery,  Moreover, four icons of the famous Cretan artist Angelo (15th century) have survived till today.

Agiofarago is very scenic and picturesque, accessed only on foot. The place is isolated, wild and rugged. All this with the fact that it is too far from populated areas made Agiofarago the first center of ascetic life not only of the region but of the whole Crete, in the earliest Christian times.
From monastery  Odigitria you should  take the road heading straight (the right heads to Vathi) and drive in the dirt track heading to Kali Limenes. After 3.6 km you have to turn right you can also park here ( A )  and start to walk until the beach  for about 1 hour& 10 min  or continue by car (there might still be a primitive road sign to Agiofarago)  till you reach no end, in a wide area for parking ( B ) . Do not leave your car under the tree shade if you don't want to see it ruined by goats, that get on the car roof to eat from the tree. Then walk through the gorge for half an hour until you reach the sea. On the way to the beach,you'll meet the small church of Saint Anthony and  the caves.        he beach of Agio farrago  at the exit of the gorge is stunning, with fine pebbles and clear blue waters, which are usually very calm. West of the beach a beautiful arch is formed, beneath which you can swim. Vertical cliffs surround the beach, on where you might see hermits praying. (You need to have water and something to eat with you as there is no tavern on the beach).