Eleonas Country Village is the starting point where every distinguished guest can launch countless activities  in order to discover nature's  abundance, the Cretan tradition, the island’s world famous gastronomy and culture!

Eleonas Green Village complex lies in the heart of a perennial olive grove, in the shadow of the mythical Mt Psiloritis, the highest mountain of Crete, where according to the Greek mythology God Zeus was raised!

Eleonas complex resembles a traditional Cretan village nestled in the arms of nature; it is  built with stone and wood, while there are small neighbourhoods, balconies with a view and courtyards full of flowers and stone small alleys, oasis of trees and many aromatic herbs.

By the moment you will arrive at the Eleonas Country Village you will feel the Cretan authenticity!

You will be part of the peaceful and pure environment of perfect relaxation and serenity.

Walking around the Hotel, you will be captivated by the intoxicating aromas of the different cretan herbs  that are planted in each and every corner. At every step you make, you will find colourful flowers that bloom every season, olives, oaks and fruit trees. There are also small signs with each plant’s name and a brief introduction; you are invited  to cut any plant you like in order to smell it. A large fertile field, close to Eleonas, hosts a flowering garden, with all kinds of seasonal, organic vegetables, that you can taste daily  at breakfast as well as the restaurant's meal and dinner.

In the outdoor stone kitchen, equipped with the wood oven, all guests can attend Cretan cooking lessons! All dishes with recipes of the Cretan cuisine are cooked with ingredients coming from the garden and small nearby farms. Fresh doughs that are prepared with flour that comes from Cretan apples, will be then filled with fragrant mountain greens and local fresh cheese in the shape of a pie! Tomatoes, eggplants and zucchini are stuffed with rice and spices! There is meat of excellent quality that is being cooked with potatoes while many other delicacies are simmered in the pots. All together participate in this unique celebration of Cretan gastronomy!

There are countless excursions, walks and exploration of nature around Eleonas Country Village. You can rent  a bicycle from the hotel’s bicycle station as well as explore the area with  its amazing landscapes!

Marked trails will lead you to streams and springs with crystal clear water and pristine spots of wild beauty. Meet the rare Cretan orchids, observe the colourful birds and be enchanted by their chirping! Climb the legendary mountain of Psiloritis and enjoy its wild nature. Meet herds of sheep and goats and get to know the local shepherds and their daily life!

The famous Rouvas Gorge is a perfect walking route for those looking for adventure! Incredible landscape views  will take your breath away at every moment, at every turn!

Close to the hotel, there is a large vineyard with a beautiful winery where you can pay a visit and enjoy the fine wines of Crete coming from indigenous varieties. Wine tasting can take place outside of the winery, at the highest points of the vineyards that afford an incredible view of the overwhelming nature landscape. There is also a farm with animals and plants that will offer you great carefree moments of joy.

For a different holiday experience, visit the Eleonas Country Village in the heart of nature.

-          Walk in hiking trail network

-          Explore Mountain bike trails

-          Visit the Winery and Vineyard

-          Visit the farm, and being part of agricultural life

-          Eleonas Organic farm

-          Crete is a unique paradise, where rare orchids grow

-          Starlight Private  Dining

-          Olive Oil spa by Elaionas

-          Agritourism

Get to know the authentic Cretan life through the activities offered by Eleonas Country Village!